5 thoughts on “The door had opened to another chapter of Jake’s life.

  1. janweb3 Post author

    I am trying to make the act of giffing a whole lot easier. Used Windows Movie maker to clip Bunuel’s film and then imgflip to convert to gif-easy as pie-but their software name appears on the bottom of my (their) gif. http://imgflip.com/gifgenerator I think I need Photoshop on my laptop-would make life a lot easier than finding all these free software programs on the web and struggling with Gimp.

    1. mdvfunes

      Photoshop is on the Creative Cloud now. I am paying educational price and I love it! I still use gimp for certain things but the ease of viewing gifs in PS my last one took me about 1 hour – clip video, load on to gimp for rough editing, then on PS for smooth.

  2. mdvfunes

    mainly because I have not worked out how to load the file as layers on Ps 🙂 so I do it in GIMP and do basic editing then do the cropping, optimising of frames on PS as it is just soooo much easier than GIMP.


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