Showing the entire story in the order it was created...

After finding out about Xcat’s death, Jake got lost in Tokyo and composed a symphony…



You can listen to an excerpt of his symphony here:


Jake did not know what else to do, creativity helped him grieve for his wife. He still could not believe she was dead and the police were no closer from finding out who was driving the car that killed her. He needed the truth to be able to move on, but without Xcat there we no clues. And where had Claire gone? She ran away from the house screaming after witnessing the accident and he had not seen her since.

Would this nightmare ever end?


In despair hope flourishes for Jake



He had at last found a clue about who was responsible for his wife death. As he wondered around Tokyo in despair he remembered an alley Xcat, his mate Colin dog and he used to hang out in. He ran to it. Could it be? Could his friends have left him a clue?

He found a box and opened it. In the box was a strange looking camera he recognised immediately. The Gifachrome. There was a note,


He pressed the button, viewed the glitch-a-chrome photo and froze. He would recognise her anywhere. He ninja skills were legendary. But a murderer? A hit an run driver? Never. He always suspected Claire of the murder but this image pointed him elsewhere completely.

He had to follow this clue. The glitch-a-chrome photo and this GIFAChrome camera were all he had. Only a few people had been given access to this cutting edge photographic technology and  he knew them all. He must fly back to England first and speak to Colin Dog he would know more, he was  a dog with his nose on the ground. Then they would have to go to the one place he now feared,  the GiFAChrome headquarters. In order to tackle this mission, they may also need help from John ‘the voice’ Johnston.  John is developing that most sophisticated of technologies LayerCake! Using it we can surprise our suspects by popping out of the frame!


It was time for action, they were on the scent.